Internet Marketing Synergies was founded in 2006 by Melanie Phillibert as a result of years of masterminding among a group of very talented marketers and designers who had met online due to common interests.

Now, many years later, the synergistic relationships have grown stronger and the combined expertise of the #IMS team total well over 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

Melanie Phillibert

Founder and CEO

Melanie Phillibert – IMS Founder and multiple award winning marketer. Melanie has studied online marketing and web design/development, SEO, PPC, Social Media Management and e-commerce development for the last 10 years. Her goal is that the IMS teams take the time to really get into our client’s heads so that we present a website that is in line with the vision of their company. Understanding that you know your company and your product/services better than we do, our goal is to help you to package and present what you have to offer in the most appealing and user friendly way. We want you to end up with a website that looks good, feels good and most importantly, converts to online sales for your business. Melanie also heads our Online Advertising Team.

Alexandru Ghita

Design and Development

Alexandru started doing graphic design 11 years ago as a hobbyist. Very soon afterwards he began creating graphic designs for the now renowned In 2007 he formed an alliance with IMS. By 2008, Alex was creating corporate websites choosing to work almost exclusively with WordPress due to it’s versatility.